New! Use custom date ranges in more reports

By Cristian Cavalli, Chatbase Software Engineer

Recently, we announced the ability to use custom data ranges in the Chatbase Virtual Agent Analytics (previously Standard Edition) Session Flow report. Today, we have more good news in that area: starting now, you can run most other Chatbase reports across custom dates going back to November 2017 (i.e., when the product became generally available) -- the single exception being the Cohorts report, which sticks with the Google Analytics approach of providing fixed date ranges.

Now you can more deeply understand how well your customer service virtual agent (or other type of bot) interacts with users over time -- for example, by precisely correlating reports with external events like new product or service announcements, or by analyzing long time periods to see effects of seasonality. Based on those insights, you can better determine what works and what doesn’t (and why), and then make data-driven decisions about how to optimize your bot and improve user experience.

We hope you enjoy this enhancement! Stay tuned for other updates that make it easier for you to analyze and optimize any bot. As usual, we value your feedback via comments or

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