New Session Flow enhancements bring deeper insights into user journeys

By Cristian Cavalli, Chatbase Software Engineer

The Session Flow report, which was an innovation in the bot analytics industry when Chatbase first launched, is one of our most popular features (available in both Standard and Enterprise editions). So, we’re excited to announce improvements to Session Flow that will help you analyze user journeys even more deeply and intuitively.

First, starting now, you can expose more branches (up to 24, including up to 12 each for Handled and Not Handled states) for the paths/intents shown in the report. This feature helps you dive more deeply into the journeys that matter most to you, and gives you visibility into interactions that were previously hidden in the “Other” bucket.

Second, you can now specify a custom data range for this report, currently extending back to May 2018. There’s no such thing as having too much data!

Finally, as you may recall, we recently added transcripts to Session Flow so you can review interactions in context at various stages of the conversation. For example, if a step in the conversation is associated with a high exit rate, you may want to pinpoint any specific user phrasing that led to a bot error, whether an "unsupported request", "missed request", or "misunderstood request" failure.

We hope you enjoy these changes; we welcome any feedback about them in comments or via Sit tight, because more improvements are on the way!

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