Using Chatbase Transcripts for better bot design

By Stayce Cavanaugh, Chatbase Software Engineer

The new Transcripts feature in Chatbase lets bot builders drill down into specific conversation threads associated with top issues. That can be particularly useful for understanding the context around not-handled messages (messages for which the bot did not understand user intent and therefore was unable to respond properly), including:
  • Which bot messages confuse users? 
  • Where in the conversation does the confusion arise? 
  • Does asking follow-up questions satisfy or frustrate users, and how many will they tolerate?
Such insights are an important tool for optimizing a bot, especially if the bot is relatively new and you don’t have much data to go on. When combined with the Session Flow and Messages reports, Transcripts help you complete a detailed picture of how well (or poorly) your bot interacts with real users.

How to access Transcripts

Transcripts are accessed through the Messages report, which shows you a ranked list of common handled and not-handled messages, grouped by intent. Just click on the “View Transcripts” link under each intent; see the screenshot below.

In the new window you can now scroll through every transcript associated with that intent. (Sensitive personally identifiable information is automatically tokenized.) Note how handled messages are shown in green, and not-handled ones are shown in red.

It’s that simple!

Getting started with Transcripts

Transcripts are activated through the Chatbase API: just set intents and the not_handled property and include raw message content in the API's message field. Collectively, that should take you less than 20 minutes to do.

We think you’ll agree that Chatbase Transcripts are a powerful addition to your bot-optimization toolbox. For help or to provide feedback, let us know via Stack Overflow (using the “chatbase" tag) or contact form.

About Chatbase 

Chatbase gives builders of conversational interfaces (or bots) sophisticated tools for creating better, and stickier, consumer experiences than ever before--leading to better conversion rates and retention. Chatbase is a cloud service that easily integrates with any bot platform and type, voice or text, and is free to use.

Among other features, Chatbase uniquely relies on Google’s machine learning capabilities to automate the identification of  bot problems and opportunities that would otherwise take a lot of time, leading to faster optimizations and better bot accuracy.

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  1. This is a killer feature as it streamlines the optimisations of the chatbot since you have the conversational context and the message the chatbot failed to handle correctly!


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