Pivoting to new opportunities, VoiceLabs recommends Chatbase for voice analytics

By Ofer Ronen, Chatbase GM

Today VoiceLabs, currently the leading voice analytics service for developers of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana apps, announced its new company mission by launching Alpine.AI. We congratulate the VoiceLabs team, and we’re proud that it recommends Chatbase as a migration point for the 3,500+ voice developers on VoiceLabs’ analytics platform.

We’re confident those developers will have an easy onboarding experience for two main reasons:
  • Most VoiceLabs features map cleanly to Chatbase features, and both products are free to use.
  • Chatbase setup is fast and easy. As an added service for VoiceLabs users, Chatbase will import and process up to 30 days of historical data delivered via file upload (available for a limited time).
Read on for details!

Mapping the features 

Chatbase has supported voice analytics from the outset, so there’s a lot of overlap with VoiceLabs features. The main difference is that because Chatbase functionality is generalized to cover both text and voice scenarios, the terminology is somewhat different.
For both products, certain optimization tasks would involve similar combinations of features. For example, a VoiceLabs user might use Voice Pathing, Speech Finder, and Voice Sessions to identify when, how, and why a conversation broke down for a particular intent. In Chatbase, they would use Session Flow, Transcripts, and the Messages report to do substantially the same thing.

Chatbase setup for VoiceLabs users 

Like we said, setup is easy:
  1. Sign in to Chatbase and add your bot.
  2. Integrate your bot with the Chatbase API (should take less than 20 minutes).
  3. For VoiceLabs users only (and lasting through March 29, 2018), we've created a landing page for uploading an export file; look for the VoiceLabs logo and link at the bottom of the "Send Messages" screen during onboarding. All reports should populate with up to 30 days of historical data within 24 hours.
For general help with Chatbase, Stack Overflow is the recommended way to get in touch; for help with a migration specifically, email is the best way to go. 

Upping the volume on voice analytics

We look forward to helping VoiceLabs users join the Chatbase community without them missing a beat. And, we value their feedback about how to make Chatbase an even stronger solution for voice analytics going forward.

About Chatbase 

Chatbase gives builders of conversational interfaces (or bots) sophisticated tools for creating better, and stickier, consumer experiences than ever before--leading to better conversion rates and retention. Chatbase is a cloud service that easily integrates with any bot platform and type, voice or text, and is free to use.

Among other features, Chatbase uniquely relies on Google’s machine learning capabilities to automate the identification of  bot problems and opportunities that would otherwise take a lot of time, leading to faster optimizations and better bot accuracy.