Hey, SnatchBot users! Integrate with Chatbase in minutes, with no coding required

By Ofer Ronen (Chatbase GM) & Avi Ben Ezra (SnatchBot CTO and Co-founder)

Today, Chatbase and SnatchBot are announcing a new integration -- no coding needed -- that will help bot builders quickly create more accurate and reliable bots.

SnatchBot launched its free bot-building solution in May 2017. Since then, more than 7,000 bots have been built on its platform by companies including Accenture, Allianz, Aman Bank, Uber, Veolia, and Vodafone. SnatchBot does not require any coding, and the SnatchBot Store offers 50 pre-built bot templates to help users quickly create natural language processing-powered chatbots and then deploy them to a variety of messaging-platform channels (including Facebook Messenger, SnatchApp, Slack, Skype, SMS, email, and web).

SnatchBot Store 

This integration adds to that story by making it easy for SnatchBot users to bring Chatbase analytics to their bots. Here’s how it works: After adding a bot to Chatbase, the process is as simple as copying/pasting a Chatbase API key into a field in the SnatchBot “Configure” page and then confirming. That’s it; analytics for the bot are now enabled in Chatbase. (Note: it may take a few hours for all reports to populate.)

In just a couple minutes, those users will be all set to (among other things):

  • Monitor user activity, sessions, and retention across multiple channels/platforms and bot versions 
  • Get a comprehensive view of session flow, including common conversation paths and exit points
  • Identify quick-win optimizations by seeing top not-handled messages (ask us about joining our ML EAP!) 

With these capabilities, SnatchBot users can build more reliable, responsive, and accurate bots for all kinds of use cases. We look forward to more seeing more such integrations with partners across the bot development ecosystem, and will share news about those efforts as they happen!

About Chatbase 

Chatbase gives builders of conversational interfaces (or bots) sophisticated tools for creating better, and stickier, consumer experiences than ever before--leading to better conversion rates and retention. Chatbase is a cloud service that easily integrates with any bot platform and type, voice or text, and is free to use.

Among other features, Chatbase uniquely relies on Google’s machine learning capabilities to automate the identification of  bot problems and opportunities that would otherwise take a lot of time, leading to faster optimizations and better bot accuracy.

Chatbase is brought to you by Area 120, an incubator for early-stage products operated by Google.