Chatbase now generally available to help bot builders create better user experiences

By Ofer Ronen, Chatbase Team Lead

Bots are being rapidly adopted for everything from customer service, to shopping and bookings, to getting news and entertainment. We’re excited about conversational interfaces and their potential to become a preferred way for people and brands to interact, but for that vision to become real, bot builders need better tools to help them meet user expectations. People want the same accurate and reliable interactions, whether they're with a human or a bot.

Today, that help is here: Chatbase, the cloud service for more easily analyzing and optimizing bots, is now generally available. With Chatbase, bot builders can quickly understand interactions in order to increase conversion rates, improve accuracy, and create a better user experience overall. The service is free to use, easily integrates with any bot platform, and works with any type of bot, voice or text.

Among other features, Chatbase uniquely relies on Google’s machine learning capabilities to automate the identification of recurring bot problems and opportunities that would otherwise take a lot of time, leading to faster optimizations and better bot accuracy.

Hundreds of early adopters from multiple industries (including Ticketmaster, HBO, and Keller Williams Realty International) are already getting value from Chatbase, and their feedback has helped make the service even more useful. One such customer is Viber, a cross-platform messaging platform operated by Rakuten with more than 900 million users across 193 countries. According to Viber, “Chatbase gives us powerful analytics capabilities for bots. We increased query volume by 35% for a popular stickers bot by optimizing queries with high exit rates.” Viber adds that "Chatbase has been immensely helpful in improving our bot. Instead of combing through logs, we rely on its machine learning capability to help prioritize required optimizations -- saving precious time that we need to focus on building new features."

Next, let’s review some examples of how Chatbase can help bot builders like Viber create better experiences.

Understand bot health across chat platforms

Chatbase provides baseline analytics, updated multiple times an hour, showing your bot’s overall health--including active users, sessions, and retention. You can even compare metrics across chat platforms and optimize underperforming ones.

Optimize bots faster via machine learning

Chatbase helps you optimize bot accuracy more quickly by replacing the tedious process of combing through logs to find problematic user message patterns. Our machine learning model clusters user messages that aren’t handled well, identifies opportunities to answer more requests, and offers paths to easy optimizations that address both (currently available via an Early Access program).

Get deeper (and visual) insights into user interactions

You can’t understand how to improve conversion rates until you understand how users want to interact with your bot. Chatbase auto-generates a data visualization of conversation flow across sessions so you can quickly see which paths users take and where exits are common. Using the Funnels report, you can also visualize the steps your users take across sessions to complete a task and their success rate per step.

How to get started

Chatbase is free to use; just sign in to start tracking your bot--we have a sample bot ready and waiting to illustrate how your reports will look. To learn how to benefit from analytics like those we’ve described here, explore our Quickstart. Users of Dialogflow (formerly API.AI), the end-to-end platform by Google for building great cross-platform conversational experiences, automatically get access to basic Chatbase features within Dialogflow. To get a  complete set of analytics and graphs, they can follow the procedure described here.

With deep ties to Google’s machine learning capabilities, Chatbase is in a great position to address new user needs in this rapidly evolving industry. Bots are only the beginning of the worldwide adoption of conversational interfaces for interactions between people and machines, and when we get bots right, there’s no limit to what can be achieved!


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